NUBES International is your contact for spare parts and maintenance standards for aviation and associated companies. We can provide you with a broad range of part numbers and offer customized tailored spare parts management services for all kinds of airplane platforms.

Consumables material

Consumable materials in aircraft must be replenished or replaced at times.
Consumables are goods which are used up and not returned once issued to stores. It is important to have a partner who have the kind of expertise that only comes with experience to build up a customized program for your requirements.

Standard hardware

In the range of hardware offering one will find nuts, bolts, screw, washer, gasket & seals, spherical/standard bearings, roller, rod ends and ball.

Electrical material

Electronic products including connectors, sensors, relay sockets, relays, switches, indicators and circuit breakers, clamps, valves, fittings, terminals, splices, cable ties, lamp, contacts, adapters, solder sleeves and blocks.

Expendables material

Component or part for which no authorized repair procedure exists, and/or the cost of repair would exceed cost of its replacement. Expendable items are usually considered to be consumed when issued and are not recorded as returnable inventory. We providing optimized material availability with cutting customers significant costs.

Raw material

The category of RAW materials consists of those materials that become part of the aircraft and engine. Example of these items can include lubricating oils, greases, hydraulic fluids, sealants, adhesives, room temperature vulcanizing silicone compounds, paints, tapes and lock-wire.

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