Our industry is becoming increasingly complex, busy and hectic, due to constraints in both time and cost. You can therefore not afford to engage in inefficient and time-consuming procedures. But we can help you: we guarantee efficient analysis, planning, implementation and coordination of production, material flow, storage, packaging and transport. This way we provide you with a highly efficient service, accurate information and customized solutions for your problems. We make sure the supply chain becomes less complex and inefficient and render your value chain more flexible and effective.


Customizable kitting allows our customer to have the exact amount of hardware which is needed ready for immediate implementation for their application for example: Service Bulletin, Vendor Bulletin, Airworthiness Directives, Modifications, Engine Assembling, Havy Maintenance Visit and so on.


In order to meet the ever increasing challenges of the modern aviation industry a wide range of competency’s are needed along with the technical expertise.
We offer supply chain management to effectively manage operations.

Aircraft maintenance technician

Aircraft maintenance technicians perform a variety of duties that include installing and removing aircraft components, conducting repairs, performing routine inspections, implementing of modification. In order to preform all these tasks it is necessary to have a crew with the needed experience and certification.
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Aircraft maintenance program

By analyzing your flight data as well as reliability, maintenance and operational resources a customized concept is developed to suit your individual needs.
A customized AMP based on your operational data (Check Concept).
Yearly review of AMP (EASA obligation).
AMP Management based on OEMs MRBR and MPD.


As your aircraft maintenance facility grows, your consumable and parts storage space doesn’t need to. Store more parts in less space with an outsourcing concept to reduce your cost, without to loss a fast availability of your parts.

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